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was established in January 1993 from its own financial resources without foreign capital participation.

The production complex of the company is comprised of production facilities, office building, technology warehouses and accessories owned by the company.
The complex is situated in the industrial part of city Ilava, approximately 130 km from Bratislava.

is specialized in the manufacture of products for the automotive, electrical, industrial, aerospace, arms industry.

Products are made on CNC milling machines, CNC lathes and automatic lathes.
In the production areas of the company is situated an air-conditioned measuring center DEA IOTA 0103 3D measuring machine and an optical profile projector MITUTOYO PJ-A3010F-200.

Since January 2006, STROJSPOL has been certified to STN EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management System.
STROJSPOL owns a valid security clearance of the EU / NATO issued by The National Security Authority of Slovak Republic, classification levels - Restricted, Confidential.

At present STROJSPOL employs 45 manufacturing workers and is the leader in delivering products for long-term customers from Austria and Belgium.
STROJSPOL also exports products to other countries as Germany, the Netherlands and Mexico. Foreign production of STROJSPOL accounts for up to 95 percent of total production.
With the expansion of production facilities and the addition of production technologies, STROJSPOL is able to increase the volume of the production process and thus meet the demands of customers with new long-term projects.

STROJSPOL also participates in the training and education of new highly trained technicians in cooperation with the Secondary Technical School in Dubnica nad VĂ¡hom, which has a long tradition of training new young technicians. Within the framework of dual study in STROJSPOL, selected pupils from the second to the fourth year of study perform professional training and practice in STROJSPOL facilities. After successfully completing their studies, the best of them have the opportunity to work in STROJSPOL.

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